The Happiest Hour – 3/22/19

Tonight, we gather for our second Drinking Club meeting of 2019. Our gathering spot has the same name as a location in my Hallmark Channel guilty pleasure (conveniently not one of the twenty shows that starred Aunt Becky, thank God). Will one of us have a meet cute that will make you simultaneously cringe AND swoon? Only time will tell.

Here’s what you missed this week:

  • We can silently sob together while watching this Michelle Obama book club video.
  • While I love Nora, and would love to have her Rolodex, we would have had major problems if we were roommates.
  • Book Twitter shares the books listed in online dating profiles that should have you running for the hills, and also reminds us of the books from which springs eternal love.
  • Let us pray that the Gods bring Letters Live back to the States so we can all enjoy this heartfelt and hilarious event…and Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • I’d live in the Cupboard Under The Stairs, if it had one of these.





The Happiest Hour – 11/9/18

What’s the best time of the day? Happy hour. Obviously. For those that said 5 a.m., when they begin their day with a meditation session and a kombucha, you know where the door is (just kidding, but we would definitely be swiping left on your OK Cupid profile).

For us, nothing is better than powering down at 5pm to grab a glass with the people who love you even after you’ve complained about your boss for 20 minutes…again. But we don’t just complain. We share tidbits from a week’s worth of news that have piqued our interests. And what might those be, you ask? Just the most scandalous, salacious, and weirdest stories that hit our inboxes.

So, for your reading pleasure: some of the strangest and most fascinating book news of the week. This will definitely impress your date tonight.

  • Calling all Aurors: J.K. Rowling is suing her former assistant for stealing $24,000 worth of candles, cards…and cats.
  • For those reminiscing about the days you came home on Friday to watch the newest DCOM: Quirk Books has a quiz to tell you what 80s Paperback Club you belong in (we’re in the BSC).
  • While the midterm elections seem to be the gift that keeps on giving, here’s something that will truly delight: a comprehensive reading list for fans of The West Wing. Bartlet For America.
  • In movie news: Lifetime is giving Pride & Prejudice the 2018 upgrade we need, and we’re ready for it.
  • And Lucia Berlin has us beat: we complain about our apartments, but none of us have weathered electrocutions, old men dying in the orchard, or the local ducks moving into the swimming pool (we wouldn’t mind if the Mandarin duck came to stay though).




The Club Wonders Whether The Boston Tea Party Actually Happened

This afternoon, AM sent me this article with the subject line “This Just Feels Wrong.” The top 10 selections for the Great American Read were released a few days ago, and HALF of America’s favorite books are written by British authors.

What is the Great American Read, you ask? Why, it’s a public television program and competition to find the most beloved book in America. Was Beloved on this list? You bet, but the top ten was Fifty Shades of White. Has your favorite blog writer (oh, stop) seen all the episodes? No, but I have my first free weekend since Labor Day coming up, and I plan to catch up with a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, as it is the only thing I possess to warm my frigid body until my super decides to turn on the heat. Don’t have a TV to watch PBS and hear you favorite authors and celebs gush about books? Fred Rogers would be so disappointed in you.

Thus far, the top ten titles are: Charlotte’s Web; The Chronicles of Narnia; Gone with the Wind; Harry Potter; Jane Eyre; Little Women; The Lord of the Rings; Outlander; Pride and Prejudice; and To Kill a Mockingbird. If I need to tell you which ones were written by British authors, you shouldn’t be here. The only thing I can pick up from this list is that we’re feeling nostalgic in these uncertain times, given the amount of children’s books voted in, and books that were our English teacher’s favorites. We may also have a few Macfadyen fans in the house.

Whatever the case may be, here’s the most important part: voting ends tomorrow. So go show the Brits that we write good too. Or let your inner anglophile free. We don’t really care. Just go vote.