The Happiest Hour – 11/23/18

This week, we’re coming to you from our childhood bedroom, the only place safe from: former classmates who have taken up residence in the local pub; mothers with too much caffeine finishing their holiday shopping at Target; and family members with well-meaning but ill-advised questions about our lives. Also, it’s the perfect spot to sleep off our hangover turkey coma. Let’s jump right in:

  • We’ll get the serious business out of the way: The New York Times released their 100 Notable Books of 2018. Go for the literary street cred; stay for the strange book angel.
  • A man in Fairbanks, Alaska got drunk, and then broke into his local library to read. Yep, sounds about right.
  • And while we’re on the topic: here are weird hangover cures from Ancient Greece to today. Can we bring back wine therapy?
  • Tis the season for miracles: An English bookstore sold their copy of a William the Conqueror biography for children 27 YEARS after it arrived in the store. We wish it and its new owner every happiness.