The Club Needs More Royal Wedding. Stat.

Like many of us, I woke up at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning to pop the prosecco and toast to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. After six months of buildup, the royal high I was surfing before the nuptials has dissipated, leaving me wanting so much more. Luckily, the NYT Books Briefing shared this lovely listicle of some of the best books on the royals, from Queen Victoria all the way through to the fab four. Prepared to get even more acquainted with the royal family after diving into these. A few of these are making it onto my TBR: William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls, as Katie Nicholls has been a key commentator on the royal family. And who can pass up anything written by Tina Brown?

P.S. if you didn’t, check out the NYT FAQ on the wedding. The 90’s computer animation is everything you wanted and more.

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