The Club Goes to New Orleans…And Finds a Bookstore

Hello readers,

I’ve spent the past week in New Orleans for work, meeting with some of the kindest and coolest children’s booksellers you will ever meet. Before I left the Big Easy, I had two goals: eat beignets, and visit at least one bookstore.

The first order of business was accomplished a few hours after my arrival:

Best decision: ordering an iced cafe au lait to accompany the delicately fried perfection of the beignets. Worst decision: wearing black pants on this adventure.


The second item was found during a leisurely ride on the St. Charles streetcar, admiring lavish southern mansions shaded by stately oak trees. A few coworkers and booksellers had ridden the trolley through the Garden District, raving about the relaxing loop from downtown through the quiet neighborhood. I hopped on the morning before my flight home, ready to marvel at homes worth more than I could imagine, and browse one of NOLA’s best bookstores: Garden District Book Shop.

A quiet Thursday morning in the Garden District.

Tucked away on Prytania St, Garden District houses bestsellers and classics on well-worn wooden bookcases in a cozy storefront. The paperback display was like candy; positioned up front by the register, where any book lover’s willpower disintegrates. The store had a decent selection of local reads and travel tomes, and an entire bookcase dedicated to Anne Rice. Not gonna lie, I was tempted to pick up a copy, but thought it might add another 5 pounds to my carry-on. I did purchase a copy of The Year Of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. I read Slouching Towards Bethlehem in college and South and West last year, and am mesmerized by her writing (whose notes could be turned into a bestseller? Not mine. Joan puts us all to shame). I will post my thoughts soon! In the meantime, here’s Garden District:

Like I said: candy. How many are on your TBR?


The hardcover display. The Power is phenomenal!



Later this year, I’ll be in San Diego, Tampa, and Rhode Island for work. Let me know your favorite indie bookstores in the area–I’m always looking for recommendations!

– E

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