The Happiest Hour – 11/30/18

It felt like Friday would never come. But here we are, with a few less bruises than we thought. And tonight, we drink with the best of the best: 75 year old women celebrating their birthday. No joke, this woman could drink all of us under the table and appear the next day with dewey skin and a twinkle in her eye. We aspire to be this cool.

Anyway. Here’s what you missed this week:

  • For those who spend more time reading dating profiles than actual books, Book Riot will help you translate those bios into something you might understand (because who actually knows what “I’m shy until you get to know me” means).
  • Wished you could have said that thing to your coworker this week? You know, that nasty (but true) comment that would have gotten you fired? Now you can read someone else’s shade and feel better (we make no promises).
  • LitHub has provided the perfect compliment to your quiet night in enjoying that Malbec you bought for dinner with a friend who then cancelled because of the flu: more books about wine (as you may recall from one of our earliest posts, we’re not the biggest fans of a certain title listed, but we leave the decision up to you).



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