The Happiest Hour – 12/15/18

The holiday rush is now in full swing. Family parties, work parties, friend parties; my life has become “Christmas Wrapping.” All I need is to bump into that cute guy I’ve been chasing all year at the checkout line at A&P on Christmas Eve. Except, there are no A&Ps anymore. Welp, there goes my dream of a Christmas connection.

Here’s what you missed this week:

  • Lit Hub provides spot-on book recommendations for everyone on your holiday shopping list, the naughty and the nice.
  • Electric Lit breaks down the moments that shook the literary world in 2018. To summarize: people suck.
  • Want to avoid awkward conversations this holiday season? BookRiot has some foolproof tips to get the small talk back on track. I’m definitely throwing a few of these in my back pocket for the family party I’m attending tonight.




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