The Happiest Hour – 1/11/19

I’m closing out the first week of 2019 with wine and my favorite movie from 1995, because the Spanish Inquisition had less bloodshed than my 4:45pm meeting. I’m ready for that healing we were promised.

Here’s what you missed this week:

  • While that meme of our middle school dance prep routine makes its rounds on Instagram, check out Buzzfeed’s compilation of children’s book covers that you won’t believe you ever forgot. It will almost make you forget about the obscene amount of body glitter you rolled across your prepubescent body. Almost.
  • We all wish we could be as honest as Gordon Ramsay. But we don’t have our own TV shows. So we’ll have to settle for these Ramsay-esque book critiques.
  • Want to read more in 2019? Some of your favorite authors from 2018 share their tried-and-true tricks.
  • And once you’ve mastered how to squeeze more reading time in between work and the obligatory two hours scrolling through Instagram, let LitHub’s astrologer tell you what to read this month.




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