The Happiest Hour – 2/9/19

Miss us, dear readers? I’d like to think so. We’re a very fun group of people, once you get to know us.

This week, I’ve been buoyed along by evenings with friends, especially the ladies of The Club. A good friend keeps your head above the surface, preventing immature Coffee Meets Bagel dates and insulting coworkers from dragging you down into the depths, by reminding you of the things you’ll laugh at during your high school reunion, and hosting their birthday parties at bars that serve decent mulled wine.

Which is where many of us were last night, toasting LL’s health and happiness. Tonight, a few of us will scout out a spot for DD to celebrate next month. Will DR create a SurveyMonkey for us to evaluate? Time will tell.

Here’s what you missed this week:




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