The Happiest Hour – 4/19/19

I will be toasting to my long forgotten youth this evening. A group of students from my college visited the office to learn about our jobs, and now I feel old. None of them know dear Carol, the copyediting teacher who stalked Ernest Hemingway in Spain during her college years. They missed out, that’s for sure.

Here’s what you missed this week:

  • I will read almost anything that has “noob” in the title. And as it turned out, this piece helped expand my reading list.
  • Any chance Susan Orlean will put her house on AirBnB the next time she’s on tour?
  • Things we learned from this roundup of the beloved Beverly Cleary’s life: she has the best one liners to ward off unwanted suitors. And that we will never be as cool as her, even if we live to see our 103rd birthday.
  • Since when did Antiques Roadshow hosts become experts in carbon dating and DNA analysis? How do we know this isn’t her cousin’s girlfriend twice removed?



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