The Club Has No Time for Book Snobs

I know this relationship we have, dear reader, is still in its fledgling state, but I’m sure even you can deduce that there is not a book snob among us. We can’t get our shit together to all read the same book each month–you really think any of us is making the time to dive into Swann’s Way, or sniff out the most esoteric of reads on the shelves of our local indie?

This is not to say we don’t have opinions. We have strong opinions. Very strong opinions. MM’s ride or die is magical realism. However, we are diverse in the genres and authors we read and appreciate, and enjoy forcing them on each other until someone caves and ends up with a new addition to her bedside table.

Which is why I’m sharing this lovely article from Bustle on the strategies to disarm a book snob. This flannel-wearing species is intent on proving their own intelligence by belittling yours. And the club has no time for it. We read what we love, and and we want you to. It’s that simple.

So share with us your favorite read of the moment, or what you do when a book snob tries to tell you how [insert old white man] is obviously way better than any author you’ve read. My go-to strategy is #6, but I’m looking to expand my repertoire.



— E

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