The Club Checks In With Our HBIC

In our first post, I mentioned that Sylvia Plath runs The Drinking Club With A Reading Problem. How, you may ask? Excellent question. I don’t know.

The club email account is owned by her. Every missive regarding book choice and meeting date is signed by Sylvie. Yet none of us have met her, and she has never attended a meeting (much to MM’s disappointment). We know we should be more mad about it, but we’re not.

We have made contact, and she does promise to add something to our blog soon. In the meantime, here’s a short piece from a writer on his affinity with Sylvie’s work, and how winning her Franco Albini table at the March 2018 auction has deepened his connection.

All I’m saying: if she had told me she didn’t want the table, I would have happily taken it off her hands. It would have looked great in my living room.



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