The Happiest Hour – 3/8/19

Hi friends,

It’s been too long. When you’re sequestered in your office for week-long meetings, subsisting on mini croissants in a conference room that would provide the perfect climate for a penguin, you begin to recognize the value of the little things in life. Like oxygen. Fresh vegetables. Wine that hasn’t been sitting in a closet for 6 months.


Here’s what you missed this week (or really, what I’ve missed the past two weeks):

  • We love when we get to share articles about past book club picks, and about Tayari Jones. She makes an essay about finance humorous and engrossing.
  • I imagine, one day, my grandchildren (or most realistically, the poor soul who goes through my hard drive after I die) will find this blog and be fascinated by our thoughts on contemporary literature, as this man did. Although I think we need to work on our inter-contributor bitchiness.
  • My questions after reading LitHub’s article on the 50 best one-star reviews on Amazon for Wuthering Heights: did these reviews come from the Twilight rebrand edition? And why are people hanging around the Amazon comments to respond to these?
  • Who’s excited for Margaret Atwood Live? Everyone? Great.


And since it’s International Women’s Day (and if you can’t say it on International Women’s Day, when can you, eh?), I’m sharing my love for the Drinking Club. Anyone who has women half as brilliant and kick-ass as these ladies in their lives knows what an extraordinary thing it is. Give your gals some extra heart emojis today.




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